New product Innovation

Transform your vision into a brand new reality with our cutting-edge software and hardware product innovation services.

New Product Development

From concept to deployment, we integrate system components, ensuring your product exceeds expectations

Enhancements & Adaptations

We specialize in refining software and hardware functionalities, optimizing performance, and incorporating the latest technologies.​

Maintenance and Support

Sustained success with our maintenance and support services. Our dedicated team guarantees seamless operation, timely updates, and expert troubleshooting.​

Your Technology Future Starts here with our Holistic  Services

From groundbreaking innovation to reliable maintenance, we at Infolitz sculpt technology solutions that propel your business forward. Partner with us today to redefine your digital journey.​

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Conceptualization and Ideation

Explore ideas, cultivate concepts and craft the blueprint for innovation excellence.


Prototyping and Development

Engineering and development services to transform concepts into tangible, functional prototypes.​


Refinement and Optimization

Continuous improvement and optimization for a flawless, market-ready product experience.

IoT Suite: SaaS platform

An integrated and a comprehensive solution for building and managing Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Designed to simplify and accelerate the development, deployment, and management of IoT solutions

  • Cloud agnostic platform - designed to run seamlessly across multiple cloud platforms
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication process
  • Multi-tenancy to support multiple organisations
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Explore ideas together and solve problems

advance analytics will grow your business

Holistic and point to point  Product Engineering Services

With our rich expertise, we have driven innovation for our clients, fast-tracking software and hardware development and pioneering clever problem solving.

End to end New Product Development

The solution enables people and communities to continuously monitor real-time indoor air pollution levels. Scope of work included but not limited to:

  • Hardware & firmware design, development, verification and validation
  • Mechanical Designing, prototyping and volume manufacturing

Smart IoT Solutions

Design & Development of a Smart Post box solution for national and regional postal systems to capture near real-time status of the post box(es) in terms of utilization.

  • Holistic solution with hardware, firmware, and associated cloud and mobile applications
  • Mobile app for post-collection persons with intelligent collection route guidance.

New Enterprise solutions

A seamless platform tailored for healthcare providers to simplifying incentive payouts. By automating complex calculations and integrating customizable parameters, our solution ensures accurate computations.

  • Administrators to create and customize incentive plans based on specific criteria.
  • Integrate with hospital databases and systems to access real-time data.

Customization to Specific Needs

Tailoring software to meet the specific needs and requirements of the enterprise ensures optimal functionality and efficiency in business processes.

  • Improved Customer Experience

    Customized software can lead to enhanced user experiences resulting in satisfaction and loyalty.

  • BI and Data Visualization

    Designed to collect and analyze data, providing valuable insights that can inform strategic decision-making and business intelligence efforts.

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Product Engineering Excellence​

Whether envisioning a software-driven breakthrough or a hardware revolution, Infolitz is your partner. Join us on a journey where ideas evolve into extraordinary products.

Mobile Apps
Native, Hybrid and Cross platform

App excellence in Android and iOS, cross-platform efficiency with Flutter and React Native secured by experienced QA.​

Web Apps
Cloud Apps, SPA, PWA, etc

Design captivating front-end with Angular, React and Vue.js, robust back-ends with Node-js, Python, PHP and Java

Embedded Systems
Hardware, Firmware, Embedded Apps

Engineer hardware with firmware development for microcontrollers, build next-gen devices, master PCB design, prototyping and fabrication

Desktop App
Windows, Linux, Mac

Leverage Qt for cross-platform desktop apps, Python for custom desktop tools and automations and .NET and C# for powerful desktop apps

Manual & Automation Testing

Verifying and validating a software application to ensure it meets specified requirements and functions as intended

Data collection & analytics

Enabling seamless connectivity and intelligent decision-making in connected devices. Ensure security in the increasingly connected landscape.

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